Test drive your boat motor with a propeller from Propulse

During the exhibition weeks in Gothenburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo, we had an ongoing campaign in which we invited boatowners to be our test driver. The campaign was aimed at people in their own boats who wanted to do a comparison test between their "original prop" and their new Propulse. We believe that up to 50% of the outboard motor boats in Scandinavia could improve their performance with the right choice or correctly set propeller.

In practical work the campaign was formed so that the boat owner buys a propeller from us, with a discount that only applied during fair weeks. The propeller was bought and paid in the exhibition stand. Delivery was made directly to their home, free shipping or released at our booth. If you could not get to any of these fairs, but still want to participate in the test, please contact us by phone or email.

Later we will email a tutorial to a test that is comparative in nature with the current boat / motor.

The test requires that the boat is equipped with a tachometer to the engine rpm:s and the speed can be recorded with a GPS, handheld or via a smartphone.

Then when we got the test results in the return sent to us, we send you a pack of 4 spare blades in return as a gratitude.

The collected material will be put into a database that is made available on our website. We also hope to process the material further to invite the media and other stakeholders to exchange views.

Through interviews with boat owners, marine shops, rescue teams, insurance companies and not least of study by the swedish Transport Board’s investigation “Boating Survey 2010,” we have come to the conclusion that up to 50% of outboard boats in Sweden (Scandinavia) could improve their performance. By that we mean higher speed, quicker to plane, etc., which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption and better seaworthiness. These values ​​are extremely important for the experience, operating cost and not the least environmental impact.

Are you interested in becoming one of our test driver, please contact us at support@propulse.se or call +46 8 5440 1300